Prayer Requests


Pure Heart Ministries’ prayer for you is that the Lord will make you an instrument for His Love to shine through, allowing His faith to usher in Hope for those who are in despair, and to share the praise of our Lord Jesus. For we need His faith to face this dangerous and stress filled world.

Please leave a comment below for prayer requests or send via email to prayer264@gmail.comYou may also call the Prayer line number 1 425 436- 6334 (when prompt enter this code 2698909) every Tuesday night from 7 PM-8 PM.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Terri B.

    For my hunger for God to increase, and for my cousin Tayler, who lost her mother, brother and father in a murder/suicide tragedy, to have Jesus reveal Himself to her in a way that she cannot deny, so that she may be saved. For her to be overwhelmed by God’s love for her and for great healing in her heart. That He would give her double for her trouble. Thank you!!

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