Cherish Poems

God Said

“If my people that are called my name,,
Shall humble themselves and pray,
And seek my face with all their heart,
And turn from their wicked ways,
Then will I hear from heaven,
Then will I answer thee.”
There’s no other way,
For the door to be opened,
For repentance is the key.
We cannot obey the devil,
And be a servant to sin,
And call upon God in our trouble,
And expect an answer from Him,
For His eyes are upon the righteous,
His ears is open to them,
He’ll withhold no good things from us,
If we walk upright before Him.
Come out from among them, my people,
These words in my heart seem to ring,
Separate yourself from ungodliness,
And touch not the unclean thing.
The day of judgement is nearing,
Consider the race you are in,
Keep your eyes on the goal that’s before you,
Keep running this race ’til you win.
There’s more to the race than beginning,
And the prize shall never be mine,
‘Til I cross over every obstacle,
And cross over the finish line.

Marjorie Lee Boulware