Cherish Poems

Your Love

When life causes my heart to be tossed as a raging sea,
Your Sprit becomes my anchor, setting my sail;
And it is your Love that becomes my peace,
Revealing the sweetness of your serenity.

When I am too weak to cry out,
All my strength has disappeared,
Your Spirit becomes my voice;
And your Love is what will speak.

When I am blinded by pain, eyes full of tears,
Your Spirit becomes my comfort,
Silencing the weeping, and helping me to see,
That it is your Love that will heal me.

When I am empty, my spirit hungers,
Your Spirit brings forth your Holy Word;
And upon this I am fed,
For your Love has become my living bread.

While I have my being and you give me breath,
Your Love Jesus, will invade the essence of my life,
You are putting the best of you into my soul,
It is your Love my Lord, that is making me whole.

Dee Peeples