Cherish Poems



Happy is he that hath God for his help,
As through this old life he doth trod,
Happy is he that hath his hope, not in man,
But his hope is in almighty God.

That imperishable hope, that’s fought hard against,
Yet stands through trouble and pain,
The devil fights hard to diminish that hope,
But yet it won’t quit, it remains.

That untiring hope, that never gives up,
No matter how hard the trials have been,
When the mind and body feels battered and torn,
That hope stirs deep down within.

That hope that’s steadfast and immovable,
And it’s there, no matter what comes,
It’s there in the heat of the battle,
Urging me to keep, keeping on.

That hope, a gift, that’s so precious,
I’ll treasure wherever I go,
For it gives me unction to function,
When I’m in a valley so low.

So when the storms are raging against me,
And with my problems, I just can’t seem to cope,
There’s one thing that keeps me a goin’,
That sweet imperishable hope!

Marjorie Lee Boulware

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