Cherish Poems


power of oneness 1_Sept_Poem

This tabernacle, this house, this temple,
This body that houses the soul,
This flesh that’s often unruly.
And daily must be controlled.
This house, this temple, this body,
Somehow has the urge to do wrong,
But the Spirit, the Holy Ghost, within me,
Somehow the flesh, He does dethrone.
Amazing as it can be,
How ole flesh is subdued and bro’t under,
By that, that doth dwell within me.

Experiencing the fulfillment of the Scripture,
And it thrills me through and through I must agree,
For lesser is the flesh that is outward,
Than He that doth dwell within me,
Teaching how to love and with others be in unity.

This house, this temple, this body,
An enclosure for the Spirit of God,
A portable dwelling for the Holy Ghost,
This body, this house, this temple,
This frame that encloses the soul,
By His power from within,
My flesh, my greatest enemy,
He helps to keep under control,
Allowing me to become One with Him as my eternal goal.

Marjorie Lee Boulware