Cherish Poems



Beyond the cloudy sky,
Beyond the troubled sea,
Beyond the tears and heartaches,
There’s a place awaiting me.
A place that’s filled with beauty,
A place with streets of gold,
A place where roses never fade,
A haven for the soul.
Beyond this veil of sorrow,
Beyond this veil of death,
Beyond this veil of sickness,
There’s a place of perfect health.
A place that knows no heartache,
A place that knows no grief,
A place where saints find refuge,
A place of sweet relief.
Beyond the trials and testings,
Beyond the sin and strife,
Beyond the storms and problems,
I shall find eternal life.
A place with no more testing,
A place no more paths to trod,
A place where I’ll see Jesus,
The precious Son of God.
So if you see me shouting,
Or maybe singing a song,
It’s because,
I’ve caught a glimpse of glory,
And I know what waits beyond!
Marjorie Lee Boulware