Cherish Poems


Search Me Lord

Search out my heart, dear Lord,
That I may truly see,
Myself just like I am, dear Lord,
The way that You see me.
With the welfare of my soul,
I truly am concerned,
Search out each crevice,
Search out each nook,
Leave not a stone unturned.
If there be a shadow there,
With something hid beneath,
Let Thy Holy Light reflect it, Lord,
So I’ll not face defeat.
If there be a bit of pride,
That I’ve not recognized,
Or maybe that ole spirit there,
To make me criticize,
Or if there be resentment,
With an ugly attitude,
Or maybe I’m just moody,
And treat my brother rude.
Search me out, dear Lord,
And let me clearly see,
If there be some little thing,
That’s taken root in me,
If I’ve respect of persons,
Dwelling in my soul,
If my life don’t measure up,
Rebreak, remake, remold,
I know I must be spotless,
I must be from sin,
So let that Holy Light of God,
Search out my soul within.

Marjorie Lee Boulware