Cherish Poems


God is Your Waymaker

The Rod Faith
Troubles come and I can’t find an answer,
The enemy comes at me from every side,
There before me looms the greatest ocean,
All that I can see is a rolling tide.

In despair it seems I almost panic,
And cautiously my eyes run to and fro,
But suddenly I hear a small voice whisper,
I listen and God speaks unto my soul.

He tells me how that Moses led the people,
And how he held within his hand a simple rod,
How the rod was used and the sea was parted,
All because he heard and obeyed God.

There I stood and faced the mighty waters,
And from behind the enemy quickly trod,
Then suddenly I realized I wasn’t helpless,
I held with within my heart a simple rod!

A rod so different from the rod of Moses,
A rod unseen but yet I felt it there,
A rod of faith given me by Jesus,
A rod to use I when kneel down in prayer.

Now I know there is no need to panic,
When I meet old Satan face to face,
I learned that I can always win the battle,
By lifting up to God that rod of faith.

Marjorie Lee Boulware