Cherish Poems

I See Jesus

When I walk through trials and testings,
When the valley seems so long,
When the storm of life is raging,
When my heart has lost it’s song,
When I feel I’m almost groping,
And the way I cannot see,
Through God’s Word, I see my Jesus,
And He reaches out to me.

Though evil says you’ll never make it,
Though my strength may seem so small,
Through the dimness of the valley,
I see Jesus through it all.

It may be I’m tired and weary,
And this race seems hard to run,
Yet I see the hand of Jesus,
And He beckons me to come.

So I’ll not take my eyes off Jesus,
Though the way grows dark and dim,
For there’s no way I can make it,
Except I keep my eyes on Him.

Marjorie Lee Boulware