Cherish Poems

Divine Fragrance

The wilds of the world can leave us drained and weak,
but His Mercy is true and just,
Yielding His sufficient Grace, His strength covers
Our weakness, for this is His spoken word we can trust.

Everyday trials keeps us busy, not hearing what is being spoken,
His Spirit saying cast your burden before His throne,
He can carry the load for you,
For His Faithfulness in heaven is well known.

If we are carried away by the swirling changes,
His eyes are ever watching our comings and goings,
His Compassion will not allow us to continue to lose our way,
His Forgiveness will lead us back, for on His path we are not to stray.

He shows Kindness to the misunderstood,
His Compassion brings wealth to our soul,
All the angels know the heart of His essence,
Oh taste and see that the Lord is good, for He is in control.

For His Kindness, His Compassion, His Mercy, His Faithfulness,
His Grace and His Forgiveness is the mixture of a
Heavenly and Everlasting aroma, that leaves us in awe of
His Divine Fragrance, a perfume call LOVE.

Dee Peeples