Cherish Poems

Lord I Need You

Lord, I need You, I’ve hit a slump,
And I feel I’m spinning my wheels.
It seems that my journey has come to a halt,
I feel like I’m just standing still.

Lord, I need You, my mind is so tired,
I feel such a pressure within,
I feel that each time I get out of this rut,
I slide right back in it again.

Lord, I need You, in this stormy trial,
In this life with its toil and its care,
Somehow in the midst of the hassle of life,
I’ve lost my burden of prayer.

Lord, I need You, for when I kneel down,
I feel I’m in utter despair,
I feel I kneel down and go through a form,
Not praying, just saying a prayer.

So Lord, I’m in trouble and I know that I am,
So I’m casting on You all my care,
I’m tired of just words, I’m tired of a form,
So restore that burden of prayer.

Marjorie Lee Boulware