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Today’s discussion is on Saved By Grace

Not by works of righteousness
which we have done, but
according to His mercy He saved us.

–Titus 3:5

This is a story about a new church convert that gave their testimony during a church service. With joy in their heart they related how they had been delivered from a life of sin. They gave the Lord all the glory, making it clear that they had done nothing to earn salvation. Now, the person leading the service didn’t fully relate to this truth that salvation is by Grace through faith alone, apart from works. So there was a response, “You seem to indicate that God did everything when He saved you. Didn’t you do your part before God did His?” The new convert stated with a smile, “Oh yes, I did. For more than 30 years I ran away from God as fast as my sins could carry me. That was my part.” But God took out after me and ran me down. That was His part.”

We are saved by Grace, and by Grace alone (Romans 3:24). We can do nothing to earn it (v.28). Our redemption is a gift from God. Our part is to acknowledge our sinfulness and inability to save ourselves. We must place our trust in Jesus believing that He died on the cross for our sins.

God has provided salvation for you—that’s His part. Receiving it by faith—that’s yours. Search you heart and ask yourself, ‘Have I done my part?’

Naught have I gotten but what I received.
Grace has bestowed it since I have believed:
Boasting excluded, pride I abase—
I’m only a sinner saved by Grace!—Gray

Salvation is what we receive,
not what we achieve.